• Zoe Blake was born in San Diego, California to Dillin and May Blake in August of 1980. It was instilled Zoe at a young age that she should want to be the best and be the best at everything she does. It was because of this mentality that Zoe took on as many projects as she could to find out what she was good at. As a young kid, she learned she loved sports, and had a very big fascination with planes.

  • Her love of planes was given to her by her father, as he was a former decorated air force pilot. Zoe grew up with tales of her father's achievements, the bonds he got with his fellow servicemen and women, and in fact, it was how he had met her mother May. With both of her parents being in the air force, it was only a matter of time that Zoe wanted to enlist herself. As soon as she turned 18, she joined the air force, much to her parents surprise.

  • Zoe Blake entered the air force in 1998, and quickly shot up the ranks. She was a respected cadet and eventually was promoted to First Lieutenant by 2004. By the time 2006 came around, the then 26 year old Zoe was given the opportunity to be promoted to Major - though she didn't take it. She had reached the end of her six year contract in 2004, and had signed on for two more years at that time, so when 2006 came around, she was able to leave free and clear.

  • While she had been in the air force, she also took college classes, as many others do in the air force. She managed to get her bachelor's degree in criminal justice through online schooling, and when she left the air force eight years, she decided to follow up on her education. She became a San Diego Police officer by the time she wa 27, and continued to study while she worked in the force. It took a lot of effort and time on her side, and she ended up still living with her parents until she was 30, but it was worth it. At 30 she had saved enough money over the years to go where she wanted to go (of course with some help from her parents as well) and as soon as she could get a new job, she did.

  • One of the biggest things Zoe always wanted to do was explore. She wanted to go to a different part of the country she had not really been to - she threw a dart at a map, and that dart landed in Boston. Technically, the dart landed in the ocean, but the closest place to the dart was the city of Boston, and Zoe applied for positions there. After some rigorous training and interviews, she was hired on as a police officer for the Boston Police Department.

  • When she arrived in Boston, it was 2012 and she needed to find a place, and find her place in the city. She was taken under the wing of Detective Larry Wilde, a long time Boston detective who knew what he was doing - and could tell the good eggs from the bad ones. He showed her around the city, and around the department and showed her the ins and outs. He also introduced Zoe to his niece, Isla, and ever since the introduction the two have been close friends.

  • Zoe never expected to find herself in Boston after living in San Diego for most of her life. She was used to the sun and the surf, and certainly not the snow. But she adjusted and despite hating the winters, Zoe can't really see herself living anywhere else. For some reason, she now feels a pull to stay.

  • Zoe can be described as a hardworking individual, very determined and is also a self-starter. If she asks someone to do something and they don't do it, she ultimately will just take over the task herself; not because she doesn't trust the person, but because she knows things should be done in a timely manner. This is left over from her upbringing, and her time in the air force.

  • Due to her hard work and determination, Zoe has recently made detective in the Boston Police Force.

  • Despite living across the country from her parents, Zoe does her best to visit her folks whenever she can. And when she can't visit, they make sure to Skype or FaceTime so that they can still see each other at least once a month.

  • She currently lives alone in a three bedroom apartment in Fenway near Kenmore Station. She doesn't have a dog, but kinda wants one - though with the hours she works, she's not sure that would be fair to the animal. One of the reasons her last relationship ended was due to the fact that both of them worked crazy hours and never saw each other; Zoe would hate to do that to a loyal pet as well.
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    Dillin Blake
    May Blake
    Jonas Blake

    • Has the tendency (or used to have the tendency) to get into bar fights. In fact, she met one of her ex-boyfriends in San Diego during a bar fight, and it ended up with them having a passionate week together, before parting ways. They reconnected years later when she moved to Boston.

    • Trains regularly at Wildecat Gym, due to her connections to Larry Wilde and Larry's niece (and Zoe's friend) Isla Greene..

    • Can be kind of obnoxious when drunk, and can also get a bit touchy-feely with people.

    • She's a bit of a free spirit when it comes to relationships, she's only really had a handful of boyfriends, and she only really still talks to two of them, and has some feelings left for one of them.

    NAME's comic book counterpart is
    Morgan le Fay

    She is a powerful sorceress using both nature magic and spells from the Darkhold. Morgan le Fay possesses a natural affinity for magical forces which is a result of her half-faeries genetic structure. She also possesses a gifted intellect, and as a former pupil of Merlin, she possesses a great deal of magical lore, considered one of the greatest sorceresses in Earth's history. Her magical powers are derived from three major sources. Due to her faerie heritage she possesses innate personal powers such as the ability to control minds; she also possesses abilities all humans potentially have, such as the ability to engage in astral projection. She also has the faerie ability to manipulate mystical energy, often through spells and enchantments of ancient Celtic origin, an ability she has honed through practice. Finally, she has abilities as a high priestess of the Earth goddess (Gaea) by invoking her Celtic name, Danu.

    Not all of Morganís powers have been documented as yet. It is known that she can mystically manipulate both the natural environment of Earth and the environment of the astral plane in which she once existed, or in space. She can cast illusions, project mystical bolts (which can affect physical beings and objects even when she is in astral form), create mystical force shields and remove spirits from their bodies and place those spirits under her control. When in physical form, she can fly and change her shape into other people or animals (both real and mythical). She also has healing powers which she might have used on her former foe King Arthur on transporting him to Otherworld. Morgan is of gifted intellect.

    Morgan can also tap into and manipulate powerful magical energies for powerful feats of magic without having to tax upon her normal magical abilities, such as when she used the power of the Norn Stones and the Twilight Sword to restructure reality. There may be an upper limit to how much energy Morgan can control as when she tapped into these energies she did so through the Scarlet Witch.

    Beyond that, however, Morgan is virtually immortal. Her soul survived the physical death of her body, and she has even re-formed from the destruction of her astral form.

    She possesses the ability to manipulate the forces of magic for a variety of effects, including mind control, illusion-casting, astral projection, the projection of mystical bolts of force, creation of mystic force shields, the removal of spirits from their physical bodies and mental domination of those spirits, healing, and the ability to mentally manipulate the natural environment of Earth and the astral plane on which she presently exists. She is also able to time travel and can come back from death using time travel. In her physical form, she was able to fly and change her shape into that of other people or animals. Morgan has utilized the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak to bind Doctor Strange and Balor, proving her capabilities of manipulating extra-dimensional mystical energies from the Octessence if needed.

    Due to her hybrid nature (half-human and half-faerie), Morgan Le Fay has the faerie's vulnerability to "cold iron" or steel. These materials can cause her harm both in her physical form and astral form. (Info from Marvel Wikia)

    zoe + zinda tie-ins • Both are trained pilots and fought for their country.

    • Zoe's father's name is Dillin, a nod to the creator of Lady Blackhawk, Dick Dillin.

    • Both Zoe and Zinda have the same last name.

    • Both have the same initials

    • Both are considered overly beautiful, though Shiklah has supernatural beauty, which adds a bit to it for her.

    • Connections to Birds of Prey: Black Canary, Huntress